This is a cautionary tale about the ability of corporations to gather our information and use it to synthesize our world views in to ordered bubbles that can be more easily controlled.

Talk about divide and conquer! It’s a long documentary, but very germane as a theory of what the hell is going on.

A thesis of this site has been that people enforcing the law need to have a strong bias toward rule of law, truthfulness and honesty. The 21st Century has seen all these values diminished as “fake news” steals our ability to trust.

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CIA Wikileaked

If you ever wanted to know how the CIA does it, being omniscient, look at this. All kinds of tips on tools they use to invade our privacy.



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More Surveillance History

Here is a good history of political surveillance and its future as activists learn what to look for and how to avoid it.


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Keep police honest–Look back!

PBS report on police caught on police misbehavior.



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The Plot Thickens

The plot has thickened on the surveillance story in just the two weeks since this site came to being. Feds are demanding that Apple stop being more secretive than they are and give over their security logarithm to NSA. The feds say they are asking less, only to bypass a few phones’ security. But the technology used to do one can cause the other.

Watch to see how media deals with this controversy. So far, media have made a militant stand against Apple’s independent ways. I doubt Orwell had any of this in mind in 1948.

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