Coded Bias

Artificial Intelligence is moving along apace to get better at identifying and apprehending the bad guys. Cameras and social media are everywhere; more coming. The FBI has already identified and arrested hundreds of participants in the January 6th Capital Insurrection using facial recognition and other technologies. As the technology moves forward and is used more, people may begin to feel more secure that surveillance, especially in public areas, is being used to deter criminal activity and to bring justice to the lawbreakers.

This documentary points to some of the ways this could all go bad. From consistent misidentifications of people, especially women and darker skinned individuals, leading to bad outcomes, to AI being used, as in China, to track everyone’s movements and activity and assign a social score that could effect credit, job access, housing and free political expression, the threats are staggering.,of%20artificial%20intelligence%20looms%20larger%20by%20the%20day.

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